Universal Stand&Grip Pebbled Lines Size S (blue)

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CLCKR is a patented universal and multifunctional phone stand and grip, enabling a firmer hold, comfy handle and multiple viewing positions. It is easy to apply using 3M Adhesive and does not leave residue. CLCKR’s grip enables a firmer hold and a safer use of your device, and its stylish ultrastrong design is compatible with most wireless chargers. There are numerous uses for CLCKR including positioning your mobile phone in portrait, landscape or conference call mode.

CLCKR stands by you – to stay connected with other people, watch videos or create content.

  • Universal stand and grip for smartphones

  • Provides safer use of your smartphone  

  • Easy one-hand usage for screen optimization

  • Clickable into portrait and landscape stand mode for easy viewing

  • Reusable 3M Adhesive – residue-free attachment on devices

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