Slim Wallet Selection TPU Anti Bac (black)

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A definite case of a good taste. XQISIT’s Slim Wallet Selection brings together quality materials, superior design and fine craftsmanship, all into one fine piece of multifunctional mobile protection. On top of that, it also keeps you protected against the most common surface bacteria, thanks to antimicrobial technology. The cover with a textured exterior doubles as a stand and has practical inner slots and a pocket for storing cards and bills. The elegant exterior conceals a robust and flexible TPU case providing increased impact protection. Functional tailoring ensures easy access to all ports and buttons. This elegant all-arounder with antibacterial qualities simply takes protection to a new level.

  • Elegant wallet case

  • All-around protection

  • Flexible and protective TPU inner case

  • Features antimicrobial technology effective against up to 99.9% of common surface bacteria

  • Cover doubles as a stand for comfortable viewing

  • Practical inner slots and pocket for cards and banknotes

  • User-friendly and secure magnetic closure

  • Premium materials and craftsmanship

  • Stylish textured exterior

Compatible with:

  • Samsung
  •  Galaxy S22+

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