UV Bag with built in 5000 mAh Power Bank (rose)

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Rid your smartphone and other small objects of germs with the portable XQISIT UV-C-sanitization case, which comes with a compact 5000 mAh power bank for easy usage on the go. Just 5 minutes of UV-C-light exposure deliver a 99.9% sterilization rate. Simply connect the case to the accompanying power bank, to a computer, or wall charger, place the object you would like to sanitize inside the bag and close the zipper. The UV-C lights will turn on automatically and an audio signal will let you know when the 5-minute sterilization starts and ends. To prevent accidental exposure, the smart zipper turns the UV-C lights off automatically when opened. Its portable design includes a hand strap and a front pocket where the inbuilt USB cable is stored and the power bank can be placed on the go.

  • Portable UV-C-sanitization case

  • 5-minute sterilization for phones and other small objects

  • 5000 mAh power bank with charging cable included

  • 360° UV-C exposure: 2x lights

  • Audio signals for 5-minute sanitization start/end & in case of automatic shutdown

  • Smart zipper turns UV-C lights on/off when closed/open

  • Front pocket for the inbuilt USB cable & for the power bank

  • Input (inbuilt USB cable): 5 V / 0.3 A

  • UV-C wavelength: 265 nm – 280 nm

  • Hand strap

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