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Airpop produces the most advanced consumer masks available today, providing wearers with professional-grade filtration combined with the highest levels of comfort for easy breathing. All Airpop masks act as a two-way barrier for both the wearer and those near the wearer, unlike regular disposable or fashion masks. The bi-directional 4-layer filter barrier blocks air-based droplets, bacteria, pollen and dust particles >0.3 micron. Independently tested by the Swiss lab SGS, the masks have the following proven filtration efficiency: 99.9% of bacteria (BFE test) and >99% of airborne droplets and particles down to 0.3 microns (PFE test). The filter is electrostatically charged to block ultrafine particles. Thanks to their superior qualities, the masks conform to or exceed EU CWA 17553:2020 and French AFNOR SPEC S76-001 barrier-mask guidelines.

The Airpop Kids Mask was created based on global insights and the most up-to-date material science. It combines a fitted face covering and a lightweight barrier against fluids, to create a totally new filtration and breathing experience that is effective for up to one week. Made for children aged 4-12 as well as for adults with smaller faces, the Airpop Kids Mask is compatible with the Airpop Storage Case (sold separately). The mask is held away from the wearer’s face by its 3D shape which, combined with a cushioned nose seal, creates an “air dome”. This allows for superior airflow and gives a cool, light experience. In addition, the cushioned nose seal provides for easy positioning and an anti-fogging effect when wearing glasses. All dyes and prints used for these masks are 100% skin friendly and hypoallergenic.  

  • Lightweight multi-use disposable mask

  • For children aged 4-12 or for adults with smaller faces

  • Foldable design – compatible with the Airpop Storage Case (sold separately)

  • Cushioned nose-bridge seal reduces eyewear fogging

  • Superior comfort – air-dome design for easy breathing

  • Bi-directional 4-layer filter barrier

  • Filtration efficacy: 99.9% of bacteria (BFE test) and >99% of airborne droplets and particles down to 0.3 microns (PFE test)

  • Conforms to or exceeds EU CWA 17553:2020 and French AFNOR SPEC S76-001 barrier-mask guidelines

  • Designed for up to 40 h of use

  • Can be cleaned with a 70% alcohol wipe between each use

  • Skin friendly and hypoallergenic  

Airpop is the world’s first Air-Wearables company. They deliver superior performance by combining cutting-edge materials and innovative design to solve three critical issues: fit, filtration, and breathability.

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  • Healthcare

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