Disposable Mask 5 pack (EU) (blue)

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This 3-ply disposable face mask is primarily designed to protect others around you from what you may breathe out. It effectively creates a barrier for airborne particles, offering exceptional BFE filtration in excess of ≥98%.

The 3-layer filtration system is packed with melt-blown filter material, inner absorbent layer and outer hydrophobic layer that provides exceptional fluid resistance. It is ideal for use for up to two hours. With adjustable metal nose clip and secure-fitting ear loops, this face mask is comfortable to wear.  

  • 3-Ply disposable face mask designed for use for up to 2 hours

  • 3-Layer filtration system made of high-quality nonwoven materials and melt-blown polypropylene filter media

  • ≥BFE 98% Type IIR filtration level certified

  • Adjustable metal nose clip and secure-fitting ear loops for a comfortable fit

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