CF DT Glass (clear)

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Inspired by the Nordic god of thunder, the THOR screen protectors provide your device with the resilience it needs to withstand whatever life throws at it. Easy to fit, ultra-thin, these tough screen protectors are meticulously designed and tested in order to work with the latest technology. The case-fit protector has been especially cut in order to match any protective case.

THOR uses only the best materials. The double-tempered Asahi DragonTrail PRO™, HIE™ aluminosilicate glass is an extremely resilient tempered glass, whose strength is increased 8 times through an additional post-tempering hardening process. The High Ion Exchange (HIE™) treatment creates an anti-scratch layer on the surface of the glass, which makes it resistant to superficial scratches caused by contact with keys or coins etc.

  • Case-fit premium THOR GLASS screen protector

  • Compatible with any protective case

  • Exceptionally resilient double-tempered Asahi DragonTrail PRO™ glass

  • Ultra thin & clear: 0.33 mm thick

  • Enhanced protection against scratches: HIE™ treatment

  • Less smudges: electroplated anti-fingerprint coating

  • Excellent touchscreen responsiveness

  • Easy to apply

  • Not compatible with the iPad pencil

Compatible with:

  • Apple
  •  iPad mini 4
  •  iPad Mini 5

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