iPlate Real Flower Gloria (pink)

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Meet the ultimate cheer-up case. It features carefully selected real pressed flowers AND a dash of color-coordinated glitter. This whimsically contrasting combination is sure to bring an instant smile to your face every time you use your phone. Which is basically every hour of every day. It’s like having a disco ball in a flower field.  

And it’s not just about looks, this case provides lightweight slim protection and a good grip. It is robust and flexible, which makes it easy to put on and take off if you like to change your phone case as often as you change your outfits.

  • Unique hand-made case with real pressed flowers and glitter

  • Slim and lightweight protection made of resilient TPU

  • Transparent case that flatters your phone’s design

  • Button coverage maintains full usability

*The case is decorated with natural materials whose color and shape may vary slightly from item to item.

Compatible with:

  • Samsung
  •  Galaxy S9+

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