iPlate Starry Nights (colourful)

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This STARRY NIGHTS case will make your device shine like a supernova. To create a cool 3D effect, we have added a layer printed with shiny metallic stars on top of another layer featuring glittery silver stars. The patterns are meticulously arranged to flatter your phone’s design and turn it into the stellar fashion accessory it deserves to be.

The case is slim and lightweight without compromising on protection. It gives you a good grip, and button coverage that maintains full usability. It’s flexible, which makes it easy to put on and take off; ideal if you like to change your case often to suit your mood or so that it matches your outfit.

  • Transparent case lets the design of your phone shine through

  • Meticulously arranged patterns inspired by the latest catwalk trends

  • Double-layered glittery and shiny metallic pattern for 3D effect

  • Made of super-duper, shock-absorbing, resilient TPU 

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